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Neil M. Travis - Sep 9, 2015

The following account took place at a public access on a popular river in Montana just a few days ago.

We were looking forward to a good day of floating and fishing when we pulled into the access site. As we pulled up along the edge of the parking lot where we intended to get the boat ready to launch it appeared that this would not be a normal fishing day. Lying on the ground a few yards away was a man with several people hovering around him; the victim of a sudden heart attack. Fortunately there were people present that had sufficient training to perform CPR until local law enforcement personnel showed up. Within an hour a life-flight helicopter whisk the man away to a regional medical center. It appears that the fast action of several bystanders saved this man's life.

Several of the anglers remarked that this put an entirely different spin on a day of fishing. Suddenly it didn't seem all that important. It also served as a vivid reminder of the importance of knowing what to do in the event of a medical emergency. If you have not learned how to perform CPR, how to deal with choking, or other medical emergencies you should think about taking a CPR and a basic first aid class. You never know when you may find yourself in a situation where the ability to perform some basic first aid function may be the difference between someone living to spend another day with friends and family and attending a funeral.

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