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Flies Only - Section Seven
By J. Castwell

How's this for bizzare!

Bizzare fly

The hackle (in the middle) is so long it holds up the fly. The tail is too long, but that doesn't count, the body is in front and the wing is, well what can I say? Too big? Now this:

Fly out of the window

Even with all that, it still looks similar to the other flies, at least to me it does. I had really hoped this fly may look differently. Here it is just off the edge of the window.

Fly on the edge of the window

Not much change here either, but I bet it would catch a fish. Moving on to the last picture, here it is from below.

Fly in the window

At this point I was at my wits end. I gave up on the picture thing and just plopped any fly I could find onto the tank. Nothing. Not a single fly had any real different look. I was closing in on my hypophysis. From a fishes point of view they all look the same, or at least, nearly so.

I concentrated more of my time with the camera on the insects I was raising. It was a fascinating time for me. Studying each of the nymphs as they matured and making positive identifications of each. Watching them molt and become sub-imagoes. Each one was a minor-miracle as it became a living-flying insect. Then to photograph the dun, put it back into the tanks, watch it molt again into the full adult imago and get it's picture.

I did this with too many to count or try here to name. Suffice to say, I spent two winters on the project and loved every minute of it.

Spring was on the way and my plans included the trout fishing on the wonderful AuSable of Michigan's lower peninsula. It was there I met Vince Marinaro. He was Italian, he talked with his hands. He would change my life.

Vince Marinaro

J. Castwell

Next time we learn.

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